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For the purposes of this website, we will start our journey into TV sci-fi babes in the 1960s, mainly because this is the time when sci-fi TV series became popular (laregly due to the fact that TV sets became commonplace). That is not to say that there were no science fiction TV programmes prior to this, indeed Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, Superman and the Quatermass series were all very popular. As far as babes are concerned, however, they were few and far between and have already appeared in the 1950s Film section, as serialisation took place on the silver screen.

The 1960s TV programmes were unusual in that many ways. First we had actresses "guest-starring" in many different series, so we see many cross-overs, which I will try to illustrate along the way. We also had many anthologies, many of which were lost and some destroyed, but either way hard to classify and locate. We also had puppets from the wonderfully talented Gerry and Silvia Anderson. Welcome to Sci-fi TV in the 1960s.



This was a BBC TV series made right at the start of the 1960s and set as far forward in time as the 1970s! It starred a relatively unknown actress who went on to be a massive star in the 1960s - the beautiful Julie Christie, who played Andromeda, an artificially created woman. The series was mostly lost and only 15 minutes of film remains, which is a shame. The series was resurrected, however in 1962, as The Andromeda Breakthrough. In this Julie was replaced by the equally beautiful Susan Hampshire.


julie christie a for andromeda babe  susan hampshire babe


TIME TUNNEL (1966-67)

One of the busiest actresses, Lee Merriwether played Dr. Anne McGregor in the Time Tunnel (1966-67), although she stands out more for her role as the very sexy catwoman in the 1966 Batman film (below). I shall, also however remember her for her role as Losira in the 1969 Star Trek episode "That which Survives"


time tunnel babe


  lee merriwether star trek tos kickass


LOST IN SPACE (1965-1968)

Remember Vitina Marcus as Native Girl in Lost World (1960)? Well,  Well she played the stunning green space girl from two Lost in Space episodes (Wild Adventure1966 and The Girl From the Green Dimension, 1967). Now I haven't seen those episodes for quite a while, but I can remember that she hypnotised Dr. Smith with a seductive voice (Mr. Smiiiiii - ithhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhhh) and sexy style. The charm was much stronger than just a TV appearance as I fell under her spell and remember her to this day.


 greengirl lostin spacevitina marcus scifibabe


This was one of my favourite TV series of the 1960s. The Space Family Robinson set out to start a new life on a distant planet, but as the title suggests, got a bit lost. The series is probably best known for the Robot, who was designed by the same guy who created Robbie the Robot in Forbidden Planet! As a babe fan, however, there was no competition. Norwegian-born, but half Finnish and half German, Beauty Marta Kristen played Judy Robinson, a 19-year old angel of space. One of my favourites of the 1960s.


marta kristen lost in space   babe


THE INVADERS (1967-1968)

Although this TV series was mostly about David Vincent, it did star the occasional babe. One of them was Joanne Linville, who played Angela Smith in a couple of episodes. I don't recall seeing this one personally, but the actress does spring to mind in another role she played the Romulan commander in the 1968 episode "The Enterprise Incident".


joanne linville invaders babe


 joanne linville star trek kickass


LAND OF THE GIANTS (1968-1970)

Deanna Lund as Valerie Scott and Heather young as Betty Hamilton. This was a favourite TV programme of mine when I was younger and I never could make up my mind who I preferred.


deanna lund valerie scott land of the giants babe


heather young betty hamilton land of the giants babe


STAR TREK (1966-69)

Gosh - there are loads of babes, too many to be shown here, so do visit the links you will find and see for yourself. I shall only include my only personal favourites, but only because, as I have said before, it is not my intention to copy or outdo other sites, just to bring you as many babes as I can!  Any babes already shown will not be duplicated here.


Played by Nichelle Nicholls, Nyota Uhura is a communications officer aboard James T Kirk's ships. She is acknowledged as being the one of the first, if not THE first characters of African descent to be shown on American Television. Another landmark was the first interracial kiss on American television in the 1968 episode "Plato's Stepchildren". Both these milestones say something about the poor state of racial equality in the 1960s, particularly in America at the time.


However, lets not get too involved in politics. Thanks to Gene Rodenberry, we had this gorgeous girl in this terrific TV series. Leggy, curvy and beautiful, with a great singing voice, Uhura was also feisty a character when aroused and one of the main cast of the TV series.


uhura babe


Grace Lee Whitney played Yeoman Janice Rand. A very pretty character, with lovely legs and often a bizarre hairstyle. There was obviously something sexual between her and James Kirk, but we never got to see it! It was a real shame that she never lasted the series, because she is a cracker!


janice rand start trek tos babe


In the pilot episode, The cage (1965), Susan Oliver played Vina, a character badly injured in a crash, but made to look beautiful and healthy by illusion. She appeared in a number of forms, but mainly as the human and lets not forget an Orion Slave girl.


Here she is as both. Now there is something about green-skinned women, don't you think.....


vina star trek the cage scifibabe


susan oliver star trek tos scifibabe


One of the most sexiest babes in the original series was Andrea in "What are little girls made of", played by the gorgeous Sherry Jackson. Actually a robot or android created by Dr. Corby (as a play thing) - lucky bloke! She also appeared in the TV series Batman, as Pauline.


 andrea star trek tos sherry jackson scifibabe


Nancy Kovack was a popular actress in the 1960s, starring in Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie and Batman to mention just a few TV series. Here she is as Nona, a witch doctor who Kirk falls in love with due to the mingling of blood (yeah, pull the other one, Jim!), from the 1968  episode "A private Little War". Take a good look, Jim, you don't need such a pathetic excuse.


nancy kovack star trek tos scifibabe


One of my personal favourites, Lois Jewell as Drusilla in "Bread and Circuses". Its hard to believe that she only ever had 2 acting roles, this one and one episode in The Flying Nun. What's worse is that there is very little information about her out there. (help please)


lois jewell star trek tos scifibabe


We couldn't possibly exclude Mudd's women could we now? Three gorgeous babes all hanging around with a scoundrel that Harry Mudd was sounds very fishy to me. Well yes, you should see them when they haven't taken the drug that makes them beautiful! I love the way Star Trek enhances the babes by making the image look a little blurry, or was that just me? Here we have Eve McHuron, Ruth Bonaventure and Magda Kovacs, played by Karen Steele, Maggie Thrett and Susan Denberg, respectively.


mudds women star trek  scifibabeX3


Possibly the shortest time spent on a TV series, Victoria Vetri, appeared for only a few seconds ( I made it 10 seconds) as Isis, who was described as "simply my cat", in Assignment Earth. In 1968 she was chosen as  playmate of the year. A nude photo of Victoria was taken into space by Apollo 12, so the ten seconds is immaterial - she was a real sci-fi hottie!


victoria verti star trek tos scifibabe


BATMAN (1966-1968)

By virtue of being listed as sci-fi in IMDb, Batman find itself featured in his website, and lucky for us,  too! There were some great babes in the TV series, mostly bad, mostly mad, but perhaps that isn't a bad thing. There's a great site you can visit to see more of the babes from Batman in the links section, but foe now, my favourites.


From the good gals, there was Batgirl, Played by Yvonne Craig, who also played commissioner Gordon's daughter. Here are pictures of her as both characters...


yvonne craig batgirl babescifibabe


As a matter of interest, Yvonne trained as a ballet dancer, and played many dancing parts in her time. She also appeared in Star Trek as an Orion Slave girl in "whom Gods Destroy", with a memorable little jig.

That's about it for the ladies on the right side of the law, not a lot really. Gotham City was one dangerous place.


Catwoman was, of course, one of Batman's regular foes and almost certainly the sexiest. Played by Julie Newman, who played her for 12 episodes and Eartha Kitt for the last 3, she was characterised as a purring feline with a whip and dressed in black rubber! Although a slight departure from this site, the character was played by the ubiquitous Lee Merriwether in the 1966 film.


julie newmar catwoman  eartha kitt catwoman


lee merriwether catwoman  scifibabeX3


We met Nancy Kovack earlier, but when she donned a blonde wig and became Queenie, she totally transformed herself. In the TV series, she was just a moll, or sidekick, but I think the character had enough about her to be a villainess on her own.


nancy kovack queenie  babe


Can you believe that the very gorgeous Kathy Kersh, who played one of the Joker's molls, Cornelia, was actually married to the boy wonder himself? Don't worry it didn't last!  She looks really sexy in that tight purple uniform. If anyone has better quality pictures, I would be pleased to put them on.


kathy kersh cornelia babe


Remember Deanna Lund from Land of the giants? Well you won't be surprised to hear that she played Anna Gram (oh the names were so corny but great) in a couple of episodes.


deanna lund anna gram babe


Now, any friend of catwoman is a friend of mine, especially when it is Eenie, otherwise known as the cat girl, played by Sharyn Winters, who is a Doctor and an accomplished jazz singer as well as a former Miss Pennsylvania.


sharyn wynters eenie babe


DR WHO (1963-present)

I started watching Dr. Who early in the 1960s from the start, but only found one cute companion, Zoe Herriot, who was played by Wendy Padbury. More from Dr. Who later...


zoe herriot wendy padbury babe


THE CHAMPIONS (1968-1969)

Sharron Macready was one of the Champions, three agents who were involved in a horrific plane crash in the Himalayas, yet were somehow "repaired" by a hidden civilisation and enhanced with superhuman powers. This was another of my favourite TV programmes of the sixties (well, for ever, really) and starred the beautiful Alexandra Bastedo as Sharron, who was a mere 20 years old at the time.

alexandra bastedo sharron macready the championskickass

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