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Ahh the 1970s.... one of the most important decades for Sci-fi and therefore for it's babes. Here we see the continuation of the Planet of the Apes films, meet Star Wars and Close Encounters for the first time, not to mention the incredible icons of Alien, Superman and Star Trek. The decade started slowly, but by the time we reached the 1980s, sci-fi was back in business as one of the major genres in film and that continues up to today.

Lets start at the beginning then. We already met Linda Harrison, as Nova in Planet of the Apes, but she also starred in the sequel, Beneath the Planet of the Apes (1970). I see no valid reason why we shouldn't have another picture of her, so here's a publicity still from my favourite film from the original series...


linda harrison beneath planet of apes babe


Now I make absolutely no apologies for the next babe - Olivia Newton John. Even though the film itself, Toomorrow (1970) may not suit the sci-fi purists, it is a pleasure to have this English-born beauty gracing our pages. It makes the sci-fi genre on a very tenuous basis - aliens hear the band's songs and need the tunes to survive... Whatever the excuse, Olivia (yes, that's the name of the character she plays, how original) is an incredibly sexy babe with some of the best legs in the business!


olivia newton john babe


It seems that Italian women feature quite strongly in Sci-fi films, as the country supports the genre strongly. Or is it that the country in question simply produces gorgeous babes? Anna Maria Pierangeli is a Sicilian born actress who happened to feature in an awful film called Octoman (1971) as Susan Lowry. Yes you guessed it, the man looked like an octopus!


anna pierangeli octoman 1971 bystander


Now, I could have included the beautiful Joan Collins earlier, when she played the character Edith Keeler, in one of my favourite Star Trek episodes, the award-winning City in the Edge of Forever, but I found her to be unsexy in that episode, to say the least, which is just how the character was supposed to be portrayed. However, in Quest for love (1971), she plays two characters in alternative worlds, Ottilie and Tracey Fletcher, where you simply cannot dismiss her charms.  Here she is as Ottillie...


joan collins babe



Missing from the wiki list, Creatures the World Forgot (1971) featured stone-age scantily-clad woman (mainly). It starred Penthouse and Norwegian beauty, Julie Ege as Nala, the chiefs daughter. That's basically the plot covered, let's see the babe in question...



julie ege nala creatures that time forgot babe


Phase IV (1972) was one of those 1950s ants-suddenly-got-a-lot-bigger films. It did, however star Lynne Fredericks as Kendra Eldridge, even though it was a total flop and the director's only film. Lynn Fredericks, you may remember, was married to Peter Sellers and inherited his estate when he suddenly died. I think she's a real looker - shame she died early of alcoholism - ohh well there you go - that's show business!


lynne fredericks bystander


I remember Rollerball (1975) as a great film, but mostly for it's mindless violence, which seemed to be pretty normal for films in the 1970s (e.g. Death Race 2000 in 1975, Deathsport in 1978). The game itself stands out for most of the film, but there was one shining light, an actress more known for her James Bond roles than others, Maud Adams, who played Ella.


  maud adams babe


The Stepford Wives (1975) was a good opportunity to feast the eye on a number of babes in a sci-fi film. The film was remade in 2004 but this is a much better, darker version. The lovely Katherine Ross plays the probing Joanna Eberhart, who finally succumbs to life as a robot at the end of the film.


katherine ross  bystander


Now as a young man, there is one babe I can recall more than others from the 1970s. This was Caroline Munro, in the Golden Voyage of Sinbad, but technically it doesn't qualify as sci-fi so I can't include it here. Oh how I wish I could, but then I would never get this site finished if I didn't stick to the rules. No matter, because there is always At the Earth's Core (1976), where this voluptuous and leggy babe played Princess Dia. The film was truly awful, with people dressed up in rubber suits pretending to be dinosaurs (one even explodes when it falls down a chasm - now why is that?), although there is a good working model of a mechanical mole reminiscent of Thunderbirds fame. I digress - take a look at this publicity still from the film...


princess dia babe


You see my point? Well, let's not stop there then and go straight on to her next qualifying film, Starcrash (1979), where she played Stella Star, a space pirate, in what is basically a Star Wars rip-off! Actually the film gets a lot of bad publicity for being low-budget and it's (blatant) copying of some Star Wars themes (uhh light sabres!), but its well worth a watch and could well fall into the cult category if more people watched it. Luckily for us, Caroline was as scantily dressed as in most of her films and provides enough eye candy to make it enjoyable. watch starcrash clip


stella star  kickass


It's hard to ignore the sci-fi super classic, Star Wars: episode IV - A New Hope (1977), and like most similar sites, I will include Princess Leia Organa, acted by Carrie Fisher, although for some reason she just doesn't do it for me. However the character of Leia as a feisty and somewhat spoiled princess who chills out later in the series, is quite alluring in her bikini costume, and she did kill Jabba later on, so she must be tough too.. There are literally hundreds of pictures of Leia out there (and an awful lot of hotties dressed up in the character's costume too!), but I find this one the sexiest.


leia  kickass


Now I'm not really sure if this counts (sure it does - it's MY website), but Camie Loneozner, a friend of Luke's, was played by Koo Stark. The scenes were never put into the final film, but are available somewhere if you search long enough. I think it's a shame - she would have brought a bit more babe-appeal to the franchise, don't you think?


koo start camie loneozner star wars a new hope babe


For the same reason as Star Wars, I am including Alien (1979), but I really don't get how Sigourney Weaver is supposed to be sexy. Please don't get me wrong, she is transformed in my view, in Galaxy Quest and she is as sexy as they get in that film, but like Carrie Fisher in Star Wars, I think the wrong actress played the part. This opens up a whole can of worms, so should i include a web page entitled "She would have been better if X played her"?. We'll see - but I believe there are sites out there in the big WWW that do just that with some clever digital effects, but I'm not that skilled I'm afraid. Anyway - lets see the two characters, Ripley and Glen DeMarco side-by-side to show what I mean..


ripley  kickass galaxy quest   babe


 By the way, if you haven't seen Galaxy Quest (yeah I know we aren't in that decade yet) please see it - probably the best spoof film there is, if you are a sci-fi fan.


Now, rarely does the James Bond franchise enter the realm of sci-fi, so when it does, we need to grab it with both hands, because the films are full of babes, some of whom we have managed to squeeze in, but sadly some we miss. Moonraker (1979) boasts the very gorgeous Lois Chiles as Dr. Holly Goodhead (how did they get away with those character names I will never know!), a space scientist who accompanies Bond to the space station. Lois lost her brother, to whom she was very close, and ceased her acting career for 3 years to look after him, but it never took off again and she continues to campaign for the disease. In my view she is wrongly dubbed as one of the most wooden Bond girls, and I for one am delighted to include her in the list.


holly goodhead babe


Whilst on the subject of Bond girls, Barbara Bach appeared in a little-known sci-fi flick called Island of Mutations (and sometimes Island of the Fishmen) (1979). In it she played Amanda Marvin, the captive daughter of a famous biologist who learned how to turn men into - well fishy things! The film has been remade by adding different openings and other scenes, but still a pretty awful film, with a very pretty actress, as I am sure you will agree.  


 barbara bach babe 


We'll sort of finish the 1970s with my favourite sci-fi series - Star Trek, where the eagerly-awaited Motion Picture (1979) kicked off the hugely successful series of films - all of them sprouting lovely ladies for us to gawk at and admire. One of the most unusual was lieutenant Ilia, a Deltan who was transformed into a robot by a machine originally sent out from earth to explore the galaxy (in fact it is still out there exploring the edges of our solar system!). Played by the Indian-born Persis Khambatta, a former Miss India, she was notorious for having no hair. Unusual but definitely sexy, with short skirts and long legs to match, but for now lets focus on that shaven head.


persis scifibabe



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